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The world of football is no stranger to heated rivalries and intense debates.

Rhulani Mokwena Molefi Ntseki
Mamelodi Sundowns head coach Rhulani Mokwena and Kaizer Chiefs head Molefi Ntseki ahead of 2023 MTN8 first-leg semifinal clash.

In the South African football scene, two prominent figures, Rhulani Mokwena and Molefi Ntseki, have recently engaged in a battle of words.

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Mokwena, head coach at Mamelodi Sundowns, made headlines with his claim that “God is a Kaizer Chiefs supporter,” referring to their seemingly fortunate moments in the yester years after his side’s 2-1 victory over Amakhosi earlier last month.

However, Ntseki, the head coach of Kaizer Chiefs, quickly responded, defending his team’s success and attributing it to hard work and beliefs.

Rhulani Mokwena’s Assertion!

A Historically Lucky Team!

In the aftermath of a match between Sundowns and Chiefs, Rhulani Mokwena expressed his belief that Chiefs are “a historically lucky team.”

This statement came in response to Chiefs’ late equalizer before Neo Maema’s late winner during the clubs meeting earlier this season.

Mokwena argued that such moments of luck have been common throughout Chiefs’ history, suggesting that there might be something more at play.

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God’s Favor!

Mokwena went a step further, asserting that “God is a Kaizer Chiefs supporter.”

By making this claim, he aimed to emphasise the seemingly divine intervention that has benefitted the team over the years.

However, Mokwena emphasised that his statement was made out of respect for Chiefs, acknowledging their long-standing success.

Molefi Ntseki’s Counterargument!

Luck Through Hard Work and Belief!

Ntseki promptly responded to Mokwena’s claims.

He argued that luck is not solely responsible for a team’s success but rather a byproduct of hard work and unwavering belief.

He also highlighted the importance of confidence and faith, suggesting that these factors ultimately attract favorable outcomes.

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Examining Other Successful Teams!

To support his argument, Ntseki drew attention to other successful teams, such as Manchester City.

He pointed out that even renowned clubs like Man City have experienced fortunate moments during their achievements.

His intention was to illustrate that luck is a common element in football and should not diminish the efforts of a team.

Sundowns’ Share of Luck!

Meanwhile, also acknowledging that Sundowns, the team Mokwena is associated with, has had their fair share of luck.

He reminded everyone that during their seven-year period of winning the league, there were undoubtedly moments when fortune smiled upon them.

Ntseki’s response aimed to level the playing field, showing that luck is not exclusive to a single team.

The Confidence Factor!

One aspect that both Mokwena and Ntseki agreed upon is the importance of confidence.

A team that believes in their abilities and maintains a positive mindset is more likely to attract favorable outcomes.

Confidence breeds resilience and the determination to seize opportunities, increasing the chances of success.

In this sense, luck becomes intertwined with a team’s mental state.

The exchange between the duo offers a glimpse of what the fans can expect ahead of their heavyweight clash.

Chiefs host Sundowns at the FNB Stadium this Saturday in the semifinal first-leg clash of the MTN8.

The kick-off is set for 3 p.m., and the match will be broadcast live on Dstv channels 202(Supersport PSL), 209(Supersport Variety), and 191(SABC 1).

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